Skinny Dipping (Beach Lane #2) by Melissa de la Cruz

Skinny-Dipping (Beach Lane) - Melissa  de la Cruz

Yay, back to the Hamptons! Haha, NO…

I honestly was debating between giving this book a 1-star, a 2-star, or a 3-star rating. After a while, it wasn’t that hard for me to decide.

This book is like watching a cat fight and I’m sitting in the middle of it all eating popcorn and watching teenage girls all go down from situations that could’ve been easily preventable.

Out of all the three girls: Eliza, Mara, and Jaqui; I hated Jaqui with a passion in the first book! In this one, I hated everyone.

Besides the fact that a stupid, and unnecessary on-and-off hookup and breakup phase between Eliza, Jeremy, and effing Ryan (out of all effing people that Eliza could choose to sleep with), we also NOW have Mara strutting up in here doing things that seemed completely out of character for her from the first book! Why is as saying that she and Ryan don’t fit into the same world but she’s dating Garrett?

(show spoiler)

Don’t get me started on Ryan. God. Like, this boy needs a nice, tall, refreshing glass of common sense with a side of calm your hormones.

Why am I still continuing on with this series?