Sun-Kissed (Beach Lane #3) by Melissa de la Cruz

Sun-Kissed - Melissa  de la Cruz

Okay, seriously? Why does every single book seem to get worse? Besides the fact that this book just goes more into complicated relationships and more doom, I DO NOT understand WHY the ever-loving effing hell Eliza, Mara, and Jacqui are legit characters. Why?

First of all: now that Eliza’s gotten her stuff together from Skinny Dipping, we now have to read about her getting all sappy with Jeremy. Okay. Jeremy. I don’t understand. I think I need someone to explain this to me. Why in the world is Jeremy always doing this?! He constantly, constantly tells Eliza how spoiled she is, and even though I can kind of see where this comes from, it’s just getting ridiculous. Maybe Jeremy, you should’ve stayed away from Eliza from books one and two, but NOW you wanna complain!

Number Two: Mara. My God, Mara was my favorite in Beach Lane, but now, she’s probably one of my least. Probably because she does this thing that causes me the greatest amount of irritation someone can feel and makes me want to cry.

Her relationship dynamic with Ryan is so bad that I always ended up going back and rereading scenes just because I do not understand what Mara sees in Ryan.

Literally besides the fact that she does my greatest pet peeve ever (!!!): following her boyfriend to college/university (kind of) and then deciding that in order to “be their own person” they need to go to another college. Get. Real. If you were your “own person” then girl, you would not need to be running all the way to Columbia to get away from Dartmouth! Why? Cause Ryan goes there and so does Tinker (let’s hope I got her name right cause I don’t care).

Number Three: Besides the fact that Jacqui wants to date three guys—okay, whatever, that’s her choice. She is probably the only character that still follows up with babysitting even if we don’t need their drama.

And Finally: Babysitting? Lol, in your dreams, Readers! Friendship? Sure, when they have time away from their true lurves! Relationships? Besides being the written format of The Real Future Hot-Mess Wives of the Hamptons, I don’t really see a point.

I do not mean to rant, even though most of this review may seem like it’s in that format, but to be honest, this series only has the fast pace going for it at this point. Everything is clearly illogical and these girls are in high school if you really think about it. Reading the last book just for the sake of drama and finishing off my TBR goals!