Crazy Hot (Beach Lane #4) by Melissa de la Cruz

Crazy Hot (Beach Lane) - Melissa  de la Cruz

I think I’d just like to state the fact that after rigorous switching back and forth between audiobooking and reading this as an ebook, I can say that I’m FINALLY done the Au Pairs series by Melissa de la Cruz.

Besides the fact that I decently enjoyed Beach Lane a couple of years ago, I wasn’t exactly sure what the heck was going on here. This series should not be called The Au Pairs because if there’s something that’s not in here, then it’s definitely babysitting. Except for maybe in the first book . . . because the author knew that she had to put at least something in there related to the title. Maybe even a little bit in this book, because the author must be legally obligated to put in some form of babysitting . . .

Unfortunately, the characters and this series just becomes redundant overall, and I’d lost more than enough interest after reading Skinny Dipping, any faith that I’d really had in this series was just killed off in Sun-Kissed.

And besides the fact that Mara and Ryan just . . . ugh. Whatever. Obviously they ended up together because bleh. Also, am I supposed to be surprised by the fact that Mara wrote the Beach Lane series? Not really sure . . .

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I don’t really think I’d recommend this to anyone, but I’d been giving this series a repeated 2-star rating based on the fact that they were extremely quick to get through and that the drama was ridiculous enough to keep me invested. Otherwise, I just finished this series for the sake of knowing what happens at the end.