Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter #7) by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows  - J.K. Rowling

I think Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is my least favorite book in the series…

It’s really sad, though, because this was my last journey with Harry, Hermione, and Ron! But honestly, there were some parts of this book where I just wasn’t feeling it.

First of all, I appreciate the whole thing with Dumbledore that J.K. Rowling did, but honestly that whole chapter took up a lot of the book when the main concern was defeating Voldemort.

I had a feeling that Snape hadn’t betrayed Dumbledore because that would’ve been weird considering the fact that it’s just too obvious. Although I understand Snape’s point of view, honestly nothing justifies taking out your anger on a small child who didn’t even know his parents. But watching his memories was sad…

Finding out that Harry was the last Horcrux SHOULD HAVE meant that Harry Potter should’ve died! But instead, Rowling comes up with a weird death scheme and Harry manages to survive. Well, since this is a fictional world, I guess I’m okay with it.

Why did Fred, Lupin, and Tonks have to die?! ESPECIALLY after Lupin and Tonks had a baby! It was so unfair! I feel like they were killed JUST for the sake of MORE loss in the story (-.-).

Also, I feel like the romance buildup in Hermione and Ron was weird. I mean, I totally ship it but OF COURSE Hermione kisses Ron when he shows support for the elf! That was funny, though.

This is the part that dropped me from a 4.5 rating to a 4: the epilogue. Oh my God I was cringing and frowning and rolling my eyes.

Albus Severus. Harry named his kid Albus Severus. His name is ALBUS SEVERUS. What?! Naming your kid after your dead teachers doesn’t mean that you remember them!!! Yes, it’s sweet that Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione all live together in Sirius’s house, but he named his kid Albus Severus Potter, and DUDE. THAT DOES NOT GO.

(show spoiler)

I enjoyed this, but there were some things that I wasn’t satisfied with or just didn’t have any relevance to me as a reader and those factors brought my rating down.