The Wolf Road by Beth Lewis

The Wolf Road: A Novel - Beth Irwin Lewis
You ever seen a bear jump off a cliff ’cause life handed him a few rough draws? No, you haven’t. The wild keeps going till it don’t have strength in its muscles and bones. The wild don’t give up; it’s forever, and so was I.

I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d like this book when I’d first started reading.

Reading about Elka’s journey was so encouraging and so character driven, it’s one of the best character driven books that I’ve read in a long time.

I just wish that in terms of writing, it could’ve been a little less choppy. There were moments where the metaphors (of wolves) that Elka would narrate were great, but then there were others where the writing would seem very sudden without a build up for the revelations. Hopefully, that was just me.

Also, this books takes place in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian setting so I was hoping there’d be more world building. But for this novel, I think the author just chose to speak of it when necessary—readers will know what happens, just not every detail and the world is not what this book is about.

This book had a great female friendship aspect. Once again, it’s one of the best female friendships that I’ve read this year. The friendship between Elka and Penelope was one of the best things about this novel. From the way that Elka and Penelope constantly went to support and protect one another to the way that they had an unshakeable faith in one another.

This book will read pretty slow, so if you don’t like slow paced books, then I’d definitely say that you should just skip this one.

Other than that, a great read with a strong and developing character, strong female friendships, and a storyline that I think was pulled off great. :D