The Crown (The Selection #5) by Kiera Cass

The Crown - Kiera Cass
I wasn’t supposed to love this book. I expected to slug myself through this. I expected to seriously hate Eadlyn. But I really, didn’t expect to love this. 

In The Heir, we got Eadlyn constantly praising herself and not really doing anything except for complaining.

In The Crown, we got this:
“No,” I answered firmly. “A war would add unnecessary strain to an already stressful moment and would cause an upheaval between us and the country we are now bound to by marriage. We will not fight.”

Coddly lowered his chin and squinted. “Don’t you think you’re being too emotional about this?”

I stood, my chair screeching behind me as I moved. “I’m going to assume that you aren’t implying by that statement that I’m actually being too
female about this. Because, yes, I am emotional.”
I seriously loved this girl so much in this book.

In The Heir, we got Eadlyn picking and choosing and complaining about boys.

In The Crown, we got Eadlyn ready to do anything for her country. We got Eadlyn actually running her country. We got Eadlyn trying.

Watching her get along with her advisers and actually taking criticism was such a huge step that I was wondering if I skipped a book in the middle of The Heir and The Crown.

Eadlyn ended up with whoever I wanted to! I thought it wouldn’t work at first, but this was just amazing!
Honestly, this is probably the best book in the entire Selection series, and I’m trying to find what I would change about this book, but I can’t so I probably won’t. People who loved The Heir definitely won’t be disappointed about this. :D