Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow by Jessica Day George

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow - Jessica Day George

This was another light and quick read! Definitely something I needed after some books that I’ve read this month.

This book has enchantments! Trolls! Talking animals! Talking winds! More talking animals! And the writing style was great! Personally, I think if I were to ever reread this book again, I’d listen to it on audiobook because the author does such a great job of writing this is a fairytale tone. I really like her writing style.

Also, best acknowledgments that I’ve read in a while:

This book was made possible by the letter “ø.”

Hehe, that was funny (and mostly true).

I thought the pika was a great female lead. She did naturally what I think I would’ve done in her place. But she learned from her mistakes, and she was strong and determined to do what was right.

“That is because you are nothing more than a foolish human child,” the west wind retorted.

“And you are nothing more than a rude little breeze, blowing sand in my eyes and quivering,” the lass snapped back. She had not come this far just to be turned away by a

You go, pika!

Putting things together and seeing how everything connected was really interesting. I liked the isbjørn and Rollo a lot. And I want an older brother like Hans Peter!

A really enjoyable story with great characters and writing style throughout. Pick up this book if you want to read something light and fairytale-ish! I think this should be read as an audiobook though, just because the writing style felt really nice to listen to.