Ash and Bramble (Ash and Bramble #1) by Sarah Prineas

Ash & Bramble - Sarah Prineas

Buddy read with Hansrox!

I am a huge sucker for retellings, and Ash and Bramble was no less! I was just as excited to read this, and I didn’t really have any problems at first.

This book is definitely creative, and it doesn’t really follow along other retellings that I’ve read. But, I was just hugely disappointed with the ending…

It wasn’t really just the ending, it was also the fact that by the time I actually reached the ending I felt like the whole buildup towards the end was just a huge letdown.

Ash and Bramble made it sound like the ending would resolve the whole “Does Cinderella really fall in love with the Prince?” theme, but in reality it made me feel as if the entire book could’ve been a lot less focused on the romance.

Kind of disappointing, but since the take on this retelling was okay, I don’t really mind trying out Prineas’s next retelling: Rose and Thorn. This time, I’ll be sure to control my expectations based on the romance.