Miss Mayhem (Rebel Belle #2) by Rachel Hawkins

Miss Mayhem - Rachel Hawkins

Whereas Rebel Belle was a light, fun adventure, Miss Mayhem was just a chore to read. I’d thought that after the events of the previous book, this book would be a little more focused on the action and how Harper and her group of friends would navigate learning things and adjusting to their new lifestyle.

Nope. Nada.

Instead we have relationship problems. Cause those are so important. Definitely more important than the fact that David’s life might be in danger! I swear to God, if I see the words “ex-boyfriend” and “ex-girlfriend” again I’ll explode. There’s a reason humans have names! Use them!

In terms of the actual world building and plot: it was all too convenient. Eventually, it was noted that this book focused so much on relationships that, Oh Maw Gerd, they forgot the plot! So: convenience! Duh! The ending of this book made me cringe. I’m trying not to give this book a 2 star rating based on the consideration that even though this book was a huge disappointment from Rebel Belle, I didn’t dislike the book a lot.

Just. Too much boyfriend/girlfriend problems that I don’t care about, not even a single point to this book got through my head, and and the convenience of things was just irritating. You thought this was this? No! It’s actually that! How? Magic! Where did the magic come? Who cares, Harper has to kick butt at the beauty pageant!